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Make Peace with Your Hunger

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If you are hungry, eat, but make good choices.

Going Hungry is Counterproductive

Hunger is a strong drive. In times past when food wasn’t abundant and starvation was a significant threat, hunger motivated us to find food. If we ignore our bodies telling us that we are hungry, hunger speaks louder. It yells at us. It screams.

Are You Really Hungry?

However, in modern times, we have an overabundance of high energy (high calorie) food, and obesity has become a problem for many of us. Although a little hunger is OK, we must satisfy true hunger without overeating.

How do you know if you are truly hungry? Imagine this scenario: It is 10am, and although you had breakfast at 7am, your stomach growls. Are you truly hungry? Try this: drink a glass of water then distract yourself with an activity. Give it 100 percent of your attention. Do you notice your stomach growling again in 30 minutes? Then you are truly hungry. Eat, but make wise choices. Try a fruit or veggie. I’ve figured out that whatever my problems managing my weight, eating too many fruits and veggies is not one of them, so when I’m hungry I eat them without guilt.

Hungry is a good feeling.

Think of hunger as a success. When you start to get hungry between meals, try thinking to yourself, “Hunger is a good feeling. It means I’m losing weight.” It changes your outlook from one of deprivation to confidence. This small success breeds more success. Over time, you will see big results.

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Woman reading at sunset